Upcoming Events

Our full event calendar is available (and subscribe-able) at, but there are a few upcoming events that we would like to highlight.

Town Hall - October 25th

  • 3:30 pm in ECCR 265
  • There will be a Zoom link available for those who cannot attend in person
  • Tentative agenda: degree and breadth requirements and general Q&A
  • If you have a topic that you would like to see added to the agenda, email

The CS Graduate Town Hall is an event once a semester during which students can ask questions, raise concerns, and make suggestions about the Computer Science graduate program. The Department Chair, Graduate Director, Graduate Committee, and Graduate Advisor are all in attendance.

The minutes of the Spring 2018 Town Hall are available here.

Student Colloquium - November 8th

  • 3:30 pm in ECCR 265

The CSGSA will be hosting the colloquium on November 8th and we are looking for students who would like to present their research in a 15 minute conference talk. We are hoping to make this a recurring event twice a semester. Let us know if you are interested in presenting, and we’ll choose a mix of research areas and Masters and PhD students.

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New Online Resources

Right before the start of the semester, we launched our new website We’ve been working on populating it with useful resources.

Graduate Student Handbook

We helped Rajshree edit the old, outdated graduate student handbook over the summer to reflect current degree requirements and graduate student advice. There’s a copy on the department website as well.

Use this as your go-to resource when you have a question about breadth classes, or how to get keycard access to a lab.

Don’t Ignore It

The Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC) has launched a new website for reporting discrimination, harassment, assault, abusive conduct, and ethical concerns, as well as, the support resources for counseling, healthcare, and victim assistance.

In last spring’s quality of life survey, 10% of respondents said that they had experienced or witnessed harassment within the department, and 15% of respondents were unsure who they would speak to in case of conflict. To bridge this gap, the CSGSA is helping promote the Don’t Ignore It website.

In addition to the links on our website, you may see posters in CSEL and on the 7th and 8th floors of the office tower advertising the website.

Travel Funding

Thinking about going to a conference? We have a new FAQ about how to obtain travel funding.

Ideas for other FAQs? Let us know on Slack or at

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