The Computer Science Graduate Students Association (CSGSA) is a student organization run by and for graduate students from the Computer Science Department at CU Boulder. Its main goal is to foster community amongst graduate students in the Department of Computer Science and other affiliated departments/institutes. To encourage such a community, the CSGSA will arrange social events, and serve as a central forum of representation for graduate students, representing graduate students’ interests to the department and broader university administration. In addition, the CSGSA will inform and support graduate students throughout their program of study.


The CSGSA has the following main responsibilities.


  • The CSGSA arranges and promote events each semester in coordination with the department leadership
  • Events will be varied and appeal to a variety of audiences.
  • Members will be notified of events with plenty of notice and guidance given as to expected atmosphere (e.g. family friendly)
  • Promote awareness of CSGSA activities to current students

Graduate Student Representation

  • The CSGSA shall appoint representatives to GPSG, Computer Science Executive Committee, Computer Science Graduate Committee, and other organisations as appropriate.
  • The CSGSA shall act as advocate for the views and opinions of its membership.


Executive Committee

The CSGSA has a four person executive: a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Antiracism and Inclusion Chair. The responsibilities of these members are outlined below.

  1. Chair
    • Manage all open projects
    • Run meetings of the CSGSA
    • Arrange meetings and develop agenda
    • Represent graduate students to Department and University where appropriate
    • Assign responsibilities to members as appropriate
  2. Vice-Chair
    • Run CSGSA meetings in the chair’s absence
    • Manage and maintain organizational documents
    • Manage regular email communication with members and student body
    • Be responsible for minutes of meetings
    • Assist the Chair where necessary
  3. Treasurer
    • Handle any and all financial matters
    • Apply for funding each year from multiple sources
    • Submit reimbursement forms when needed
    • Assist the Chair where necessary
    • Report regularly on financial status of the organization
  4. Antiracism and Inclusion Chair
    • Facilitate student-led discussions on making CU Boulder CS more inclusive and proactively anti-racist (in continuity)
    • Hold CSGSA accountable for actions we plan to take on community inclusivity
    • Advocate for graduate students in inclusion and equity issues and provide input and feedback to the department, college, and/or campus as appropriate.
    • Serve on the department Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
    • Work with the Associate Chair of Inclusive Excellence and our undergraduate leadership to ensure CSGSA efforts are in conjunction with the department efforts on antiracism. These tasks may be delegated to other members.

All four members of the executive committee should be elected no later than the last day of classes in the fall semester. The elected term begins the first day of classes in the spring semester.

Committee Representatives

There are three representatives to external organizations who will also be elected by the membership of the CSGSA.

  • GPSG representative
  • CS Department Executive Committee representative(s)
  • CS Department Graduate Committee representative(s)

Ad Hoc Committees

At any time the formation of an ad-hoc committee may be appropriate (e.g. a certain event, or issue). These shall be formed at the discretion of the executive committee.



The following will automatically be considered as members:

  • A graduate student in the Department of Computer Science
  • A graduate student in an affiliated Department/Institute
  • A graduate student working in a Computer Science or affiliated Department/Institute lab

Those who don’t meet these criteria may become members by arrangement with the Vice Chair.


  • Meeting Frequency: The CSGSA shall hold regular, biweekly meetings during fall and spring semesters. Meetings will be open to all members.
  • Meeting Details: The Chair shall distribute a meeting agenda to members at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.
  • Meeting attendance: Executive committee members and elected representatives are expected to attend all meetings.
  • Social Events: It is expected that at least two social events shall be held each semester and the events be diverse in nature.
  • Charter Amendments: Changes to the charter may be proposed by the executive committee at any time.  The deliberation period for any proposed change is 2 weeks. If any dissenting opinion is expressed by CSGSA members within the deliberation period, the Chair will call for a vote in the next meeting.  If no dissenting opinion is expressed or a majority of participants votes to adopt the change, the Chair will incorporate it.
  • Annual Charter Review: The CSGSA will review this charter during the first meeting of the spring semester.


All votes will be conducted online, and voting will be open for one week.

  • General elections of the executive committee will be held annually, no later than the last day of classes in the fall semester. The elected term begins the first day of classes in the spring semester.
  • Elections for representatives to UGGS, the Graduate Committee, and the Department Executive Committee will be held annually, during the spring semester.  The elected term begins the first day of classes in the fall semester.
  • The date of the elections will be announced two weeks in advance, during which time members may nominate themselves.
  • Charter updates, as described above, will also be conducted online for one week.
  • A vote of no confidence can be initiated by a member at a CSGSA meeting.