Quality of Life

Graduate and Professional Students Survey - Spring 2021

In Spring 2021, more than 5000 Graduate and Professional of CU Boulder students were invited to participate in the gradSERU survey.

You can explore the results here.

Note: You can use the supported filters to explore department specific responses in each topic.


In Spring 2018, before we’d even had our kickoff event, the Graduate Committee approached the CSGSA about hosting a “Climate Survey” to assess the social climate of the department. The last climate survey was done in 2014 and was for the whole graduate school. You can read about it here.

The Graduate Committee was naturally interested in fresher results that would focus more on the strengths and weaknesses of this department. We also thought it would be a great way identify focus areas for the CSGSA to work on. We decided to call it a “Quality-of-Life” survey to avoid any confusion about weather.

69 students responded to the survey, 27 Masters students, and 42 PhD students. You can read the detailed survey summary

Or the departments response to the top 15 issues

The CSGSA is still working on how best to address the issues raised in the survey and support the departments efforts. Join the #qualityoflife Slack channel to share ideas and raise issues.

Graduate Student Town Hall

Graduate Student Town Hall occurs once per semester. It is a venue for graduate students to share their concerns with the department, ask questions, and give suggestions directly to the department chair, graduate committee, and graduate advisor. Past town halls inspired the graduate student Slack, the CSGSA, and demand-based course scheduling.

Check the Calendar for the next Town Hall date.


Diversity and Inclusion Committee

As of spring 2019, the CSGSA has formed a new Diversity and Inclusion Committee. We are working on issues like student financial stability, better reporting for bias related issues, providing workshops for students, faculty and staff, and a more inclusive admissions pipeline.

We meet every other Thursday at 10 am in ECCR 1B10 (in the faculty office hallway next to the Systems Lab). Email csgsa@colorado.edu for the next meeting date. You can also join us online in the #qualityoflife Slack channel