Written on October 7, 2020

App Feedback

Pilot program for PhD Application Feedback

This application cycle, we are piloting a program to provide an initial round of feedback for prospective students. Sign up to get feedback on statement of purpose and/or your CV with a current graduate student or faculty member here. We will try to match you to a mentor to give initial feedback within a few days, though we encourage you to sign up before November 1, so feedback can be given by the November 15 deadline below.

This feedback program is definitely in pilot mode, and we particularly want to offer guidance to BIPOC folks, members of LGBTQ+ community, disabled folks, and first-generation college students. If you have feedback on how to dismantle our application barriers, we would love it!

Current CU affiliates and alum

We would love to have you sign up to give such feedback!

Reducing barriers to application

The college of engineering has an automatic application fee waiver for domestic students with a 3.4 undergrad GPA who apply by November 15. If you do not qualify and need help with the application fee, let us know, and we can try to help you. Learn more here.

Additionally, for Fall 2021 applications, we are GRE optional, meaning the GRE will not be used as a factor in deciding admissions. See the “GRE Scores” section here for more information.